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This article states that Hyderabad has 8 lakh vehicles which are 15 years older and are very polluting. Vehicles manufactuerd before year 2000 emits more pollution than the vehicles manufactured after year 2000. These vehicles manufactured before 2000 emits
more carbon dioxide, nitrogn oxide and other pollutants which in result is increasing pollution. However there will be no restriction on such vehicles in Telangana. One of the reason of not restricting old vehicles is that government is not able to improve transportation to a level that public can depend on public transport. If government restricts these vehicles older than 15 years, then government has to take care of such owners that they do not get problems. If government restricts such older vehicles, then PM emission will reach nearly 3 lakh metric tons in the country by this year. If such vehicles are banned cities will be clean and safe, and there will be a great relief in global pollution. India will contribute in fight with global warming. 

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