Your friend has health problems but does not share or explain this to his/her teachers or classmates he/she is often absent from schools and is not able to perform well in exams.discuss with your partner how you could help your friend and what steps could be taken to deal with this outside school




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If he/she is your good friend and you really care for him/her then try to know why he/she  is not attending the school . after listening to his/her reason try to explain your class teacher personally instead of going and telling him/her in front of your whole class. convince your teacher to support her/him for doing her/his absent work as fast as possible. make her/him feel comfortable and yourself too as you are going to talk about her/him on behalf of his/her side thats because of her/his shy nature she/he was not able to tell her problem to the teacher . so i would help my friend to complete his/her work ,i would tell him/her about the chapters which were done in the class when he was absent .
i would try to help him/her more and more as i can , as good friends are hard to find and it is well said that a friend in need is a friend indeed.
thank u. 
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