Your friend has health problems but does not share or explain this to his/her teachers or classmates he/she is often absent from schools and is not able to perform well in exams.discuss with your partner how you could help your friend and what steps could be taken to deal with this outside school




As he isn't ready to share his problem with anyone but I know, so, first I will catch him red handed when buying medicines or when he shows out his ill effects. Then I will first console him/her, bring in confidence in him/her. Maybe i may say these are your last days you may not live longer but don't you think it is your duty to make happy everyone on Earth happy because of you. Don't keep on thinking about the pain you have but think about the pain your gonna give in future. So, for now think about the beautiful world around that your gonna miss in the near future. Share or Open out to all your classmates, when you don't have anything to hide from them then they are your best friends unforgettable. Later when you get good, superb marks think won't your parents be happy, won't your teachers be happy. Now, The thought is within you, be happy and make everyone happy or be sad and make everyone even more sadder.

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