You come to know that one of your friends has become a victim of cyber crime but is too scared to tell anyone. He has lost confidence and is losing at studies also.
1 how would you help your friend?
2 why do you think your friend keeps quiet?
3 what can you say to help your friend change his attitude?
4 what do you think could be the reaction of others?



Well,if my friend has done something wrong, i mean if he or she has made accounts in social networking sites without informing his parents then this had to happen.Now , it is time for confession.What is past is past.He should be encouraged by his friends to tell everything to his parents.I know that his parents will scold him but they will also do something to comfort him as well.

Our parents are the only one is the world who can teach us the right things and guide us when we are wrong.At this age , we often commits wrong things but this doesn't mean that we will try to escape when it comes to confession.It is very important for someone to make the victim understand this.

If we do not clear everything of our past we would not be able to walk further in our life.

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well if a person commits a mistake its a mistake but if the person is my friend i would help him to apologize about his mistake meanwhile his all fear will run away and his mind remain in peace
I would definitely help my friend in this matter, i would tell him about the cyber crime department,where he can fill a report for justice  ,i would tell him about  the disadvantages of cyber crime that how it can lead to serious major issues and how it can destroy ones life by intentionally harming the reputation of a person. i would try my level best to boost up his confidence i would take him to the doctor  who will try to change his mind by his oral methods. i would try to maintain a positive and a peaceful attitude which would help him to get out of his critical situation. i would help him as much as i can . because friendship is all about understanding and helping. 
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