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Dr. Alexander Graham Bell was an inventor and a teacher of the deaf. Helen met him for the first time in Washington in the year 1886. This meeting was not only the beginning of a long friendship between Dr. Bell and Helen but it also proved to be the foundation of Helens education and life. In fact, Helen has dedicated her autobiography.The Story of My Life to him. Helen mentions his sympathetic and tender nature that made her love him from her first visit itself. It was on his suggestion that Helens father wrote to Mr. Anagnos and subsequently found Miss Sullivan as a teacher. Helen and Miss Sullivan were accompanied by Dr. Bell on their visit to the Worlds Fair in 1893. Helen also visited him at his home and laboratory. He appears to be a wonderful and patient teacher who could instil enthusiasm and interest in his students through his delightful explanations. Helen notes that Dr. Bell was a humourous person and a poet as well. Another endearing quality of Dr. Bell was his love for children, particularly the deaf.
Dr. Alexander Graham Bell is compassionate and kindhearted and an incredibly gifted inventor (as history will confirm). Helen dedicated The Story of My Life to him. He has a special relationship with children, especially the deaf, and his methods ensure that children are motivated and enthusiastic to learn. He is funny and immediately connects with Helen. He recommends The Perkins' Institute to the family which will begin Helen's long and extremely demanding path to learning.