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OTBA refers to Open Text Based Assessment.
During the time of summative assessments we will be provided with an OTBA.We need to read it thoroughly and clearly.In the exams 10 marks will be from OTBA.Before the exam the invigilators will take away the OTBA from us and half an hour is given for OTBA at last.There will be questions from OTBA.And half an hour before the exam will end the teachers will give us our OTBA's back.We need to find the answer from it and write the answer.Simple!
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if the option is shown,I will surely do it.
OTBA is the open text book assessment which will be provided to you during the sa2 will be asked some questions related to it, you will have to answer them...OTBA text is available on the cbse website you can download it and read it before your exams