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Dear Editor,
                     I would like to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities towards increasing problems of pollution.Pollution is a big problem this slowly destroying the world that we live in.It is vital for every individual to do what he or she to clean up the environment whether it is in the home or on a government level -every person is important and has the ability to make difference and help stop pollution.The first step you can take to stop pollution is to not litter-throw the garbage in to a trashan  can instead of on to the side walk or the side of a road.In order to help stop pollution people can start being more aware of which items can be recycled and how to go about doing it.It is very easy for every single person to help stop pollution ,it can take little effort ,but can be something that's make  a huge difference -start by evaluating how you can make small changes.Even the smallest change in your life can have  a massive impact.Pollution can cause diseases like asthma, cancer, and also different types of allergies. Soil pollution most especially damages crops. Cars, planes and factories cause air pollution because they release toxic gases like carbon monoxide.This level of ignorance is unacceptable, so it is time to change. I suggest that the government starts creating awareness among the people, teach them the dangers and encourage them to recycle. Companies that dump their toxic waste in water bodies should be brought to justice and assigned heavy fines to be donated to public hospitals. Factories should be encouraged to use renewable sources of energy.
Payal Yadav
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