Ashoka the great he was the son of bindhusara and grandson of chandragupta .It is said that he killed all his brothers except Tishya the youngest brother of ashoka . But ashoka loved his public and after some years people live there happily because he was kind to public and kind hurted. After killing all his brothers he become the emperor in 269 bc he was known as chanda ashoka means cruel ashoka .
If you travelled in ashoka 's empire you will see brotherly love in empire and if you did a mistake he will definately punish you .
(Kings after ashoka )
Dashratha Maurya was the grandson of ashoka and become ruler when he was just 20 and he ruled for 9 years.
After him Samprati maurya a become the ruler he was the son of ashoka's blind son kunala .He was follower of jainism and constructed 125 thousand jain temples in just 3and half years he was known as jain Askoka he was also kind hurted but after him Salisuka maurya was very cruel and if you did some little mistake he can punish you by hanging you to death.Hope this helps.