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I am giving some points on entertainment

it is for human satisfaction and enjoying life 
it is happening by very ancient time king use to make people fight in front of them and women were dance and sing for them
now days entertainment have other meaning it is virtual and fake
first there was live perfomance infront of every body like nukad natak and singing banjaras
now days vulgarity is at it verge and it is can't be seen by every body

A tired man comng frm office ,if he got 15 mins 2watch his fav .show he is free frm tired body   a short period of enterta... gave him relax .it gives the energy 2 live .playing music also give awy free frm tension . it also means 2 try" "2 atppmt".it is imt. till limit . if we stared doing it always we will nt getting any fun it spoils our life .it is a part of our life it prevents us frm many diease.if it is nt thre life become boring & parties with friends &realative we enjoy bt every time not it spoils our life .it gives hpe 2 life .i think we should it till limit & full of enjoyment .................