A conical tent is made of 4.5 m wide tarpaulin, vertical height of tent is 4 m &base radius is 3 m. find the length of tarpaulin used assuming that 10% of extra material is required for stitching and wastage in cutting. π = 3.14.......answer fast kal question check karwana hai....

please do check ..area asked or the lenght??


l=5 m
curved suface area=πrl
therefore tarpaulin used=47.1+4.71
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thank you sooo much you saved me from punishment ;P
don't u think it should be 51.81 sq. m
i missed the sq sorry
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Applying Pythagors' theorem,
slant height, l² = r² +h²
⇒ l² = 3² +4²
⇒l² =25
⇒slant height = 5 m
now, curved surface area = π× r×l
                                          = 3.14×3×5
                                          = 47.1 m²
now, 10% extra material is required for stitching and wastage = 0.1 ×47.1 = 4.71 m²
total area = 47.1 +4.71
                =51.81 m²
now, L×B = 51.81
Length ,L = 51.81/4.5
                   = 11.51 m
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