Older sister learned poltry as a hobby in collage but is now intrested to start her own poltry stdio shop and earn her living.And parents feel that she should continue to study and choose a safe careerSoo what i can do to help my sister and what steps i sholud take to help resolve this issue ?



As per the condition your elder sister can do what she want to do in her life but the worrying of parents is only for her so according to me your sister can can open that studio and can carry on her studies too. This will help her to fulfil her wants as well as it will give a relief to her parents. It 's not a big deal to do both of them together but is quite hard but she can do it very nicey if she have believe that she can do this all. And by this in future she can also do any job or anything else to secure her future. By this way your sister can fulfill her wants and your parents will also have relief from this tension.
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