Most god way is to plant and save trees , stop noise , air and water pollution , save water , paper , fuels and our natural resources  , and remember 
"trees are the life of earth , save trees save earth "
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Conserve water at home.
Use fewer chemicals.
Dispose of toxic and waste the right way.
Use less electricity
Drive and fly less often.
Buy local food.
Eat vegetables and locally-sourced meat.
Become an air pollution activist.
Produce less waste.
Plant trees and don't cut them.
Work to stop clear cutting and mining.
Make your property a haven for wildlife.
Eat sustainably caught fish.
Respect animals.
Work to protect animal habitat.
Use a solar powered out-doored light.
Use the sun to heat your water.

the ways to protect our mother earth is by more and more trees to stop global warming.we have to keep our surroundings free from plastic though we have to give the plastics for recycling and decrease the plastic. i know we alone cannot stop others by doing this things but we have to start doing which is right for u and me