Gender inequality is differentiation between people due to gender. Individual can be either of masculine or feminine gender. Since ages there has been perception towards genders depending on their sexes, strengths, capacity and capability to do a certain task. Inequalities are majorly displayed at commercial workplaces and home.
At home, parents are responsible for this. It's demonstrated in various ways. At workplaces women are paid less, seen as a play material, helpless, depending on male subordinates and being vulnerable to them.
This leads society towards backwardness with orthodox views. Today's youth can help eradicate this by –
Offering high level education
Social integration Increasing women employment
Involving them in active politics and social activities
Arranging social protection programmes
Generating awareness among parents
Giving scholarships to girls
Spreading awareness against child abuse and violence
Stopping sex identification and abortions
Social welfare developments by politicians
Promoting NGOs to eradicate Gender Inequality
Helping them become tech-savvy