A spherical glass vessel has a cylindrical neck 8cm long and 2cm in diameter. The diameter of the spherical part is 0.5 cm. Find the volume of water the vessel can hold

please recheck the dimension of vessel...because you have given small radius of spherical part compared to cylindrical part


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See, here radius of spherical part should be greater than cylindrical part.
considering , diameter of spherical part = 5cm
total volume = volume of spherical part + volume of cylindrical part
volume of spherical part = (4/3)π×r³
                                       = (4/3)π×(5/2)³
                                       = 65.42 cm³
volume of cylindrical part = π×R²×h
                                         =25.12 cm³
Total volume = 65.42 +25.12 
                      = 90.54 cm³
As we know that, 1 cm³ = 0.001 L = 1 ml
so, 90.54 cm³ = 90.54 ml
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Than you but the question says that the diameter is 0.5 cm itself 
even I had the same doubt
that was why I posted the question
any way thanks☺️
but there can be error also friend