Friends, I wish to say a few words about "Culture".  It is vast topic really. But I will say a little of what I know.

       Culture comprises of all the good ways of living of people in a civilization.  Culture consists of the beliefs, customs, traditions, ethical and moral values of groups of persons.  People with similar culture live together in general.  People of a region have a culture that evolves over many decades.

       Culture also means various performing arts like dance, instrumental music, singing, painting, drama, creating writing, craft making, debating, elocution and many more.  These are often characteristic of a civilization.

       Culture of a person means the way a person speaks, behaves, responds to various incidents and the conduct of the person including his manners.  Culture has a very important impact on the growth of a person or a society.  When there is no culture, people in the society do not have a common understanding of what is good and what is not good.

   Our culture tells us what practices, if we follow, will enable us to live better in our region.  Nowadays, the fast growing India has adopted several cultures and has forgotten many of its traditions and cultures.  The olden traditions and value systems are being forgotten and new values systems are coming in from all parts of the world.  This may be good for some Indians. But respecting one's own culture and upholding is be our responsibility.

   The culture is changing from village and small town living style to city and apartment in micro families, shopping malls, pubs, cinemas, entertainment etc. 

   Often we try to praise western culture and insult our own.  Our culture gives us a great identity.  Be proud of it. Protect it and uphold it.