With the season changing,I am all prepared to enjoy my winter vacations. winters are welcomed me and my family decided to go to a wonderful destination that is shimla this place is owesome the winter break was really fun and I did lot of things and I was very happy and satisfied
We need break from studies to revitalise our mind.I have just finished my winter vacation.
It was one of the memorable
vacation I have ever got.

similar to every year we got winter vacation. But this vacation has left indelible memories. I went to Chennai with my family. we ended up there for a week.we enjoyed very much. We used to go on
stroll every evening along the shore. I enjoyed very much with my family. We took selfies
every where we went. we used to have food in small dhabas which served really amazing dishes of South India.We used to in a stay house near road side.Then after having a week there. we decided to return.
I came by train. It is evident that every one likes to admire the beauty through the train's windows. It was the nice part of the journey. When we came to our home we took rest and discussed about the journey.