You should discuss with your partner that the management of the school should provide a playground atleast as the children can't play during their games period also during their lunch breaks resulting in the children now play on the roadside one day a disaster can even happen then would the school management take the responsibility? this also show the school's not teaching the children properly in front the of the city which can even end by the closing of the school as the children show illiterateness.

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What do u mean by luck break?
It's lunch break
Discuss the problem with your partner. That by not having a playground all students are playing on the road. And somehow it is making a real bad image in the people who see them playing on road. And if some kind of accident happens then who will be responsibe? And playing is very important in the development of a child. And by not having a playground you are somehow affecting the child's growth. And playing is very important in a child's growth. We could say to the school management that there is no mean to have a school withot a playground. Parents may shift their children to a school where there is a playground. And there are no one left in the school then the school will automatically shut down. Because at the time of development of a child( development like growth, etc.) the child is in school. So the school should have a playground for the proper functioning of the school. If there is no playground the parents will complain about this and it will affect the functioning of the school.