I live in India. This is a place where their are usually problems in the society. some problems are communism, racism, gender inequality etc....
      so now let me throw some points on these three. So first is communism, communism is one of the biggest problems of the society ehich leads to lose of many innocent lifes. communism, commonly known as caste system like Hindu, Muslim, christian etc.. these are very dangerous through my point of view as one person from one caste will not bare an another person from other caste just because of their difference in castes which useless. caste systems are made to unite the people not to divide them. we need to educate other people so that they learn how to live happily and not on the basis of their casts.
          second is racism, this also is one of the important thing. racism arises when you start judging people on their caste , class, color, culture. we all are humans and no one is perfect in everything and we also don't have the rights to comments on anyone. they have their own standard of living and doing things.
           third is gender inequality. this problem mainly exists in uneducated people. gender inequality is when you differentiate between male and female. usually in many villages of India women are considered at a very low position. they do not get their rights what an actual women must get. there are many practices like sati etc...
             hence, i conclude my article by saying that these problems are nothing in society as their are many other problems also. this is the reason why education is important. i feel that when problems like these are removed from our society then our society and country both will prosper and develop.