1. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
       Treatments: i) Watchful Waiting - Small AAAs (less than 5 centimeters or about 2 inches), which are not rapidly growing or causing symptoms, have a low incidence of rupture and often require no treatment other than watchful waiting under the guidance of a vascular disease specialist.
ii) Surgical Repair - The most common treatment for a large, unruptured aneurysm is open surgical repair by a vascular surgeon. 
iii) Nterventional Repair - This minimally invasive technique is performed by an interventional radiologist using imaging to guide the catheter and graft inside the patient's artery.
2. Skin cancer
treatments: i)Surgery
  ii) Radiation therapy
    iii) Chemotherapy
    iv) Photodynamic therapy
    v)Biologic therapy

most of people die in skin cancer
Diahhrea -drink boiled and clean water.
swine flu   take rest .take care that the medicines r right.clean ur hands before u touch anyone.