You observe that many of the students of your school leave lights and fans turned on in classrooms
while they go out for some activity periods. You feel this is a very bad practice which wastes the
country’s resource as well. Discuss with your partner:
• What problems do you think this could cause?
• What should your reaction be?
• How should other students react to something like this?
• What should the teachers and school authority do to solve this problem?
• Would your effort make the others realize something?
• How can you create awareness regarding such things?
• How would your parents consider the matter?
• What role can students like you play to check such actions?
• Who else do you think can help you solve this problem?
• What do you think could be an incentive to motivate students to turn off lights and fans?



*this problem could cause scarcity of electricity there by scarcity of resources like water and coal and other means through which current is generated..

*I must actually be cool and be positive that everyone don't know everything and forgetting is quite common ...I will take the responsibility to switch of all the appliances

*Students are the people who could CHANGE the world and they must be careful on these kind of problems and responsible for these small things..

*teachers should choose some responsible students to take up this responsibility and awareness programmes on power consumption must be done

*effort is something that results good! and hence they would realise

*we must show some practical examples and animated videos on what happens by doing such small mistakes ..this could create a larger impact as picture talks better than words..

*some parents know the consequences and others may not..they must also be told about this and awareness should brought in them ..known parents should teach their children

*children must share this with younger ones and other uneducated people to create awareness and make them follow my bringing out great CHANGE

*motivation itself a instant feeling and some might take it seriously and others may not ..strict rules must be made my school management and teachers.

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