Frame wh-questions to get these answers. Use wh-question:
1- Keshav is crying.
2- Gaurav lives in Kohima.
3- My name is Garima.
4- Jack fruit is favorite fruit.
5- Mr. Kurup teaches English

who lives in kohima?
what is your name
which is your favourite fruit?
who teaches you english?


1. What Keshav doing?/Who is crying?

2. Where does Gaurav lives?

3. Whats your name?

4. What is your
favorite fruit? 

5. What
Mr. Kurup teaches?/Who teaches English?

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I think it goes like this-
1- Who is crying?
2- Where does Gaurav live?
3- What is your name?
4- Which is your favourite fruit?
5-Who teaches English?
3 5 3