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·         Everybody likes to go abroad. ·         The curiosity of humans to seek new places, experience unique environments, and encounter foreign societies can be fulfilled only by travelling. ·         India has a varied landscape which helps tourism industry to bloom, circulating money within the country as well as earning from foreign tourists. ·         The abundance of mountain ranges and wide stretch of water bodies on all its three sides form a numerous tourist destinations. ·         One can visit the royal forts and palaces of the maharaja that are heritage hotels. ·         India has varieties of cuisine which attracts tourists. ·         The suitable weather in all parts of the country appeals to tourists. ·         Travel is a good way of learning about the world. ·         It teaches us about cultures of different nationalities. ·         Mostly, people travel to find a well-paid job or to meet families. ·         People who would want to relax or do some sightseeing can opt for this. ·         The choice of place depends on money, weather and personality. ·         Those who want everything organized in a tour can seek a travel agency and choose a holiday package. ·         But, in my opinion it deprives us of our fun. ·         Travelling from place to place is fascinating. ·         Sea lovers can go on a cruise or voyage. But, it is boring to see water everywhere. ·         The fastest and more comfortable way of travelling is by plane. But, it’s costly. ·         Buses and trains are cheaper but the are not as comfortable as planes. ·         So, the best way is to travel by car. It’s fast, convenient and not expensive. We feel independent as we decide everything. ·         Travelling has a liking in everyone’s hearts. It relieves persons from stress and everyday hustle-bustle of the city. ·         It rejuvenates our mind, body and soul. ·         It may have some disadvantages also. ·         As the lifestyle of people in famous tourist spots are changing. ·         The prices are changing. ·         The place is getting more populated and polluted. ·         Tourism may not be the best for the environment. But, it’s the best form of spending our free time and is a good source of revenue.

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