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2016-01-22T21:08:24+05:30 certainly is.It enables our nation to earn valuable foreign currency,secondly a lot of people are employed in the tourism sector.And thirdly
, tourists who come to India,when they return to their respective countries, become the advertisement of the nation.They can either spread the positive views about the nation and encourage people to visit our country or vice-versa,depending upon their experience.
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no because our country is an agricultural country we mostly depend upon agricultural income . tourism is the main source of I I come in only some state one is goa
hey...the question does not say 'which is the biggest' it says if tourism is a big source and it is
we are depend upon tourism very less like 10 percent
My dear...... understand the question.And even if it's 10 you realise for a country as vast as India,what this 10% means??
No because our country is mostly based on agricultural income some state like goa , kerala are based on income from tourism