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Subject - complaining of a frequent power cut.

Dear sir,
This is a matter of great concern that our locality is severely getting affected by frequent power cuts in the recent month. Because of all this, very tragic effects can be noticed on the health, mental stability and study habits in our children. Every family member in the family is facing problem. Aged are unable to get the rest and relaxation they require. It is difficult to bath without geyser in such a  cold weather. Kitchen work and other chores of our mothers are getting disrupted as well. The conditions are undescribable. I thank you in anticipation and expect the condition to improve soon in near future. So i would like you to write an article in one of your esteemed columns regarding this topic.Through the columns of your esteemed daily, i want to draw the attention of the respective authorities to the frequent breakdown of electricity in my area.
Yours faithfully
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