The day blood got appreciated,when people realized its worthwas in Burma when Subhash askedthem to sacrifice for their earth.
He said, "For your freedom,you'll have to sacrifice.You've lived enough in the world;now death is freedom's price.
In the feet of freedom,the gardland that is spread,Listen! It will be wovenwith your severed heads.
The battle for independenceisn't won on money, be sure.Commitment to supreme sacrificeis on barenecks endured.
The history of freedom struggle,in black ink isn't written or read.For its sake, bravehearts havelet loose floods of blood red."
In so saying the speaker'seyes had become blood shot,face had acquired blood's hueblood-red body glowed, so hot.
He raised his hands, declared,"Give me your blood, come.And in fair exchange,I will give you freedom."
There was a tumult in the crowd,hearts couldn't contain the joy.Rallying cries traveled miles,reaching the hoi polloi.
"We are, we are ready to bleed"Only these words could be heard.To go into the battlefield,men stood ready, undeterred.
Subhash dared, "Not like this!For they say talk is cheap.Seal your commitment nowby signing on this sheet.
The person signing up herehas to dedicate his all -possessions, relations, body, soul,whole life to this clarion call.
Paramveer nirbheek nider.
 Pooja jinaki hoti gher gher.
 Bharat man ke sachche saput,
 Hain Subhash Chandra Bose amer.
 San attharah sau sattanve.
 Neta ji mahan the janme.
 Katak Odisha ki dharati per,
Teis Janaury ki shubh bela men
. Deshbhakton ke deshbhakt
. Durandesh the ati shashakt.
 Nara Jai Hind ka deker bole,
 Ajadi dunga tum dena rakt. Ajadi ki ladi ladai.
 Ajad Hind fauj banai.
 Jan jan ko aage le aye,
 Tarunai ko disha dikhai.
 Anyay kabhi na sahana hai.
 Sulah na usase karana hai.
 Apradh hai aisa kuchh karana.
 Neta ji ka yah kahana ha