Look at that solitary highland young girl. she is single in the field. she is reaping the harvest and singing by herself. stop here or gently pass. the solitary young girl cuts the crop and binds the sheaves.she sings a sad song.
no nightingale ever sang more welcome songs to the groups of tires travellers in some shady place among arabian sands. the sound of the cuckoo-bird in spring time broke the silence of the seas among the farthest Hebrides islands.
will no one tell me what the solitary reaper is singing about? Perhaps the sad musical notes are about some old, unhappy and far-off things.these might bbe about battles fought in the may also be about some natural sorrow,loss or pain that has been and may be again.
Whatever be the theme,the maiden sang in such a manner that there seemed no end to it. i saw her singing at her work and bending over her sickle.i listened to it motionless and quiet. and as i climbed up the hill i carried the music in my heart long after it was heard no more....