Fashion is the art of designing and wearing  simple, elegant, differently styled, and appealing fancy robes.
Fashion is catching up in India.  For a common man it means nothing. Rich people want to impress their followers by chasing new fashions, even if they are crazy.  Fashion designers design inner clothes, clothes worn on top, shoes, chappals, night wear, casual wear, winter wear, marriage wear, party-wear, caps, wrist bands, watches, perfumes, necklaces and ornaments.  All these should be harmonious together to be appreciated.
      For many people in India, fashion is not really a hobby or necessity. But many rich people are interested in the field of fashion. Fashion is a big business now with all celebrities, businessmen and women, and sports persons supporting it. They love to wear fashion garments and new and out of the ordinary. They have their own fashion designer who makes their clothes. Most of the models follow the latest trends in fashion.
Fashion is on every youngster's mind these days. Fashion attracts many western tourists. Fashion contributes towards national income. People make themselves look beautiful through fashion. Many proffesional courses are offered in this field