You may add the following points in your speech:- 1) We all know that health is important. Whatever we do, we must remember that our health and well-being comes first. 2) Good health requires good food and good excercise. If we have good health, we can be physically and mentally strong, and healthy. 3) When we fall sick, medicine can help us. Taking good medicine in the appropriate way is always important. 4) However, falling sick is not an option. If we are healthy and fit, we can be more strong to face diseases and sickness. 5) Following the proverb 'An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away' can be very useful. Eat an apple everyday, be healthy, avoid falling sick, and so you dont have to visit the doctor. You may add a lot more in your speech, but I hope this helps, thankyou! ✌

we all know that all human being on this earth needs to be fit and healthy

to stay fit

you should regularly exercise

eat healthy food

go for a walk

go to gym

and eat an apple a day because

" An Apple A Day Keeps A Doctor Away"