Your brother is a part of a school hockey team and is it's best player his friend is also a part of team but he trys to keep your brother out of practice session and tournament your brother is a hurt but does not want to offend his friend what could you do help your brother? what step you would suggest to help to resolve the issue



i will first calmly hear out the entire situation and i would request him to express his feelings no matter what unless it is in a rude way.i will try to talk with his friend and his behaviour.if he still persists i will have to complain to his trainer(coach)  or the principal.i will certainely ask my brother to talk to his friend
As feeling and emotions are not the part of sports and in sport only we have to think about our team not our friend if something is getting wrong in the any match then we have to inform to coach and we have to talk freely to friend about any matter if we are not sharing means we are not friend
Just take every thing simple it will solve a automatically