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Here are a few that occurred to me...
A. Estimating your requirement by considering the present market situations and your future plans.
B. Considering various sources like, loan from banks,relatives,other financial institutions,issue of debentures or shares and then comparing the cost of raising finance from these sources.From whichever source,your cost of finance comes minimum.Go for that.
C. While describing the sources of finance don't forget to mention for what sort of business.I mean financed can be raised by a sole enterpreneur,by a partnership firm,by a joint stock and even by the govt.
D. Do mention what are the factors that must be considered before deciding the financial plan.(Like nature of the business, diversion of control, time for which the finance is required etc.)
If you follow the above given points properly and present them in an organised manner,it surely will fetch you an A+.

Hope that's of some help. :)
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