Recently,the world has seen a lot of protests, riots and demonstration by a lot of young people who feel that they have been cheated in one way or the other by governments in the country they come from some resulted in acts of violence as a result of these developments. As we see on television and listen on the radio about the protests of young people, we come across a large turn-out at these protests and you could ask yourself what kind of media do organizers use to mobilize the youth because traditional media (television,radio and bill board advertising) might be too expensive to use but one thing that comes to mind is social media mainly Facebook,Twitter,Voices of Youth or YouTube, in some places Blackberry messaging. Some call it "the social media revolution."  Social media offers platforms that every one can use freely, it gives young people the opportunity to share information among themselves in any way very easily and the level of interaction is very high because your contacts to which your message is been carried is always online (at the computer or via cellphone). In the moment when when you send a message, the person on the other side receives it and the conversation goes on. In the old days when events happened at one place, it would take a while before people at another would find about them but now through social media, events and news are known worldwide in split seconds after they are shared and this has made the world one.Take a look at the events in the Arab world and recently England. Information among young people to mobilise themselves was the work of social media and even the whole world got to know about events in those places. Besides the political dimension, social media is also a way to find friends and find out about people that you have not met for a long time.
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