• Follow your child’s accounts such as Instagram or Snapchat; ask other family members to follow as well.
• If your child has a page on a social media device, then so should you.
 • Do not allow your child to be online in their room with the door closed. If you are really concerned about internet or social media misuse it is quite easy to lock access to home internet and cell phone connections.
• Educate your child about the dangerous ways that social media is used to hurt others. 
(1) Well, sex education plays a very important role in avoiding the negative effects of adolescence.
(2)Parents can guide their children without any reluctance.
(3) At this age,children should communicate well with their parents .
(4) Children should avoid listening to whatever people say.
(5) They should be sensable enough to make the right choice (with the help of their parents).
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