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Media means the medium (or channel) through which people or public learn and exchange news and information. Media is the intermediary between people, celebrities, people and politicians, sportsmen, and film personalities.
Media gets. Earlier people used to run media manually. There was a lot of difficulty in the job and limitation of information exchange.  Now, due to the Internet, web & mobile cameras, and web technologies, the media and networking jobs have become very easy.  Also, people are able to benefit much more.
Networking means interaction with friends, relatives and professional colleagues world over. The networking may be for official purposes or private purposes. The objective or networking is to synchronize with one another in terms of status and information updates. These sites allow exchange of text, audio, hyper links, pictures and video. Social networking costs but they are good as the experience brings out talents out of the person and gives one some additional opportunities. Further children learn many things much before they are adults, so they are equipped with skills by the time they are employed.
 Government has makes use of (its private) networking of their divisions for quick and coordinated work flow in their governance. Many private organizations use social (or private) networking nowadays to unite their employees and manage them. Now people and celebrities too use twitter services by exchanging tweets.

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Media is become a platform for everything to know,sharing of knowledge,ideas,culture,tradition, make the people to know everything and act accordingly,,it is the cause for spread of ARAB SPRING,,it is the cause for every person to know about his rights and what are the limits and what violates them.... it connect the people who dnt know about others place and even their name before starting this leads to sharing of cultural ideas and makes legislation and execution work correctly...