Wrestling is a very difficult sport that takes a lot of hard work to achieve goals, but when achieving goals a rewarding feeling comes over wrestlers. The hard work throughout the season is well worth it, and wrestlers are improving one meet to the next.Wrestling is the best sport because it is showing dedication, nutrition, strength. Many wrestlers will say wrestling is a not a sport, it is a life style and that is because wrestling is all about dedication.Wrestling is a great example of dedication because it shows that wrestling is hard, and everything wrestlers do is just making their self-better. Wrestlers have to be prepared for the future, because if wrestlers are working hard in the weight room every day they will see improvements. Wrestling is difficult and even though participants have to practice every day it is well worth it, and they have to resilient from the pain. The pain will emanate throughout one’s body, but it is only making wrestlers better. Wrestling is an individual sport, but it is also a team sport as well.

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