You see a lot of people in your locality dumping garbage and litter in one of the empty plots in the area. This leads to a serious condition of flies, bacteria and other germs. Moreover stray animals like cows, dogs also worsen the situation and the place has turned into a mess. Discuss with your partner:



I) this can cause serious health problem which can lead to death reducing population etc
ii)when we see them make them aware or advice them to not to throw take immediate reaction on throwing garbage issue fine through govt
iii) they should react it similiar way like us they can produce strikes etc
iv) they are selfish concered about there own they are selfish biut unware about the matter tht is affecting there life
v) we can collect garbage
help them catch people who throw garbageĀ 
make awareness public strikes
vi) they will think that we are unclean uncivilised and selfish people n in future they depict the same value
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