1. Two people were walking in opposite directions. Both of them walked 6 milesforward then took right and walked 8 miles. How far is each from starting positions?a) 14 miles and 14 milesb) 10 miles 10 milesc) 6 miles 6 miles

2.Which country has won the cricket world cup maximum number of times?(1) West Indies               (2) Pakistan                 (3) Sri Lanka                 (4) Australia Ans :  Australia

3. A person has 14 red socks and 14 white socks in a drawer. What is the minimumnumber of socks that he should take to get a correct pair?

4. When a number is multiplied by 13, it becomes greater to 105 by an amount withwhich it is lesser to 105 by now. What is the number

5. When asked in an exam how much time is left, the teacher answered that theamount of time left is 1/5 of the time already completed. How much time is left?