A small bottle weight 20 g when empty and 22g when filled with water. when it is filled with oil its weight 21.76. what is the density of oil

Answer can be found if density of water is given i.e. 1g/cm^3
but in the table given in your science textbook u can find the density of the oil



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Mass of certain volume of water = 22-20 = 2g.
Mass of same volume of oil = 21.76-20 = 1.76g.

provided, density of water= 1g/ cm^{3}
volume occupied by the same= 2 cm^{3}

∴mass of 2 cm^{3} oil= 1.76g

and hence, mass of 1 cm^{3} oil = 1.76/2 = 0.88g

The density of oil = 0.88g/ cm^{3}