First, it is bred in captivity for economic profit. Second, humans control its breeding, territory organization, and food supply. 
it is used fr plant growth etc
it is used medicinal purpose 
it is is used for profit
Man keep them for milk,food,hunting,riding and for many other purposes.The cow,buffalo,horse,goat,sheep,etc.are some of the domestic animals.The cow is most useful of all as it gives milk and milk is a good food and from that milk we produce butter,cheese,curd etc.,Some animals live in the home of men.These are called Domestic animals.Men keep buffaloes for milk and for drawing carts and ploughing the field.The sheep is kept for its hair and flesh. The hair is made into wool. This wool is used in making warm clothes.
The horse is kept for riding. Some horses draw carts and carriages, plough the field and carry loads. Some horses are trained to run races. A race horse sometimes brings a large fortune to its master.

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