Write a short story with these clues. Wealthy merchant---his birthday ____ celebrations at home ____ saw a stranger ___good host ___ guests left ___ servant ___ laid dishes again ____ stranger was a thief ___ merchant offered a bag of silver coin ____ thief enjoyed food ____ thanked merchant ____ several years passed ___ stranger returned ___ gift ____ gold coin for merchant ____ returning kindness ____ became honest ___ not a thief ____ merchant happy ___ an act of kindness helped ____ both became good friends



Wealthy merchant in his birthday celebrations at home at the time he saw a stranger he was a good host at home guests were left and he wanted to make the guests entertain so he asked the servant to lay the dishes again for the stranger but the stranger is a thief even though the the merchant offered the the silver coins bag the thief enjoyed  the food of the merchant and thanked him he said several years passed away the stranger returned a gift of gold coin for the the merchant but he returned it with  kindness but the stranger became honest and proved that he was not the thief and the merchant felt very happy this is an act of kindness helped the both the people and became good friends
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