Good morning to one and all present over here. Today , i am here to express my views on the topic "idiots". You all might be wondering that how stupid topic it is to discuss. Well , to be honest , it is the most misunderstood word in the human history.
To me, idiots r the real heroes. Today we know that what fire is because of that idiot who was stupid enough to try something new, something which could horribly go wrong. Here's a fun fact, Albert Einstein was expelled from his school cuz the principle thought that he was an idiot who asked too many questions. Its funny how some of the so called "idiots" changed the whole human history. Stupidity isn't what that defines an idiot but the ability to question and try the unknown does. But unfortunately, in today's society idiot is taken as an offence. Some of you might be thinking that what an IDIOT i am but trust me, i take it as a compliment..............

you can write the rest by your own. i know u can. i hope that helped.
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