You come across cases of theft of money in your class and find it sad that some students pick money from their classmate bags and boxes . discuss with your parther 1.what other problems do you think this could causes?2.what should your reaction be? should other students react to somethings like this ? 4. what could you tell your parents about this? 5. how would you help your friend whose money has been stolen? 6. why do you think your friend kept quiet? 7. what can you say to help your friend who engages in stealing change his/her attitude? 8. what do you think could be the reaction of others towards the one who steals money? 9. how will you change the response of the others to such children. 10. who else do you think can help you solve this problem.



You should complain this to your class teacher or HM or principle so that they take immediate action against this

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