You visit a place of historical importance with your friends and come across people who scribble their names and messages on the walls of the monuments you feel this act not only showed people's indifference for their culture but also reduce the beauty of these monument
1)How can you think people in general are inconsiderate about such in matters?
2)How do you think can the authorities manage this problem?
3)How can the general people help the authorities to solve this problem?
4)What role can student play to check such action?
5)What is reaction of forgein tourist to this?
6)What impression do you think fore given do to this problem?
plz help me because next day my ASL exam



1) I think that people are in considered about this matter in general because they may be selfish.
2) Authorities can put up fines on such kind of activities
3) general people can demotivate such kind of activities to help the authorities
4) students can make the people understand that its not good for our country and monuments
5) foreign tourist are surprised by seeing all these things

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I didn't understood the last question......