The Pygmy are forest dwellers native to the Congo Basin. They are important tribe in the Equatorial Region. They survive as hunter-gatherers and also edible plants.

Fishing an farmig are important occupations in Pygmies.  They grow crops like Cassava, corn, rice, sugar cane, bananas, etc etc.
The Pygmy live in wood framed houses with a cloth like roof made of hay and other dry grass.
dress code
Same like roofs, the males wear a skirt made of hay and an X spun around their torso. As fore Females, they wear cotton made churidar-like clothes, with traditional designs.
The pygmies usually preserve buffallo. Because for its meat and blood which is considered important. they also grow corn, rice, bananas etc.. for vegeterian.
The pygmies also sometimes slaved and sometimes on their own mine for Africa's most common mineral, diamonds.


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