If ur looking for an essay then the following points might help ya:-
1. following the three Rs
2. spreading awareness by conducting campaigns
3. be grateful to what mother earth gave u and use as less as possible
4. search for clean alternatives like solar , wind or hydral energy.
5. use every resource optimally.
6. use the appliances rated with energy saving stars( or whatever they r called)
and always remember that there r enough resources for everyone's need but not enough for even one's greed.
i hope this helps. best of luck :)
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We know that natural resources are very important to be saved. We can save it by saving water, by not throwing  plastics arround us to keep the place clean. We can do many more things like, doing rallies and seminars regarding the natural resources. I n this way we can creat awareness among people to save the earth by saving its natural resources.