It is quite hard but not impossible so in formal way....
Introduce your speech by how pleased you are to be part of such an important day. It is a good idea to acknowledge the hard work of all those that have taken part, not just the winners, but do make sure that the winners are properly mentioned. This is also the right time to talk about the particular purpose of the event, if say the prize giving is part of an annual meeting or speech day.
1.How you are proud to be part of the day
2.Acknowledge all the hard work involved
3.Highlight the achievements of the winners
4.Mention the purpose of the day - speech day, for exampleExample:Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, I am honoured to be a part of your prize giving ceremony and am grateful for this opportunity to congratulate the winners and all those who have taken part in this years achievements. Many of you will have strived to do your best in order to be a part of this ceremony and I believe that represents the true spirit of our school/college.Although we all know that taking part is a key element in team sports, school events and life in general, winning is what makes us push ourselves and achieve our full potential. I am very impressed with the achievements of everyone here today, but I am especially in awe of those of you whose efforts will be rewarded today.

This is a type of content which my teacher gave me for academe awards in our school.... Hope this help plz mark as Brainliest.... 

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