Rick: Hey.... Adam, what are you doing?
Adam: Hey.. I am reading a book.
Rick: Looks quite interesting book.
Adam: Of course it is..
Rick: What is the name of this book?
Adam: Oh...To kill a mocking bird.
Rick: Can I burrow the book from you?
Adam: Sure..That means you like books.
Rick: Yeah.. I like to read novels and some best selling books and I will have try to your's one.
Adam: Sounds good but where did you get time to read, you are so busy.
Rick: I read books before going to sleep, I get a little bit of time to read.
Adam: Great.. man.. I have low visions so I get tired of reading books at night.
Rick: My eyesight is week too. So, I use to wear spectacles.
Adam: I don't think spectacles are good option.
Rick: Nope.. If you have low vision you have to wear it.
Adam: Does it causes more problems?
Rick: You don't need to wear it for hours, wear it when needed.
Adam: hmmm..
Rick: You should visit to eye specialist or a clinic to get one.
Adam: Well, I am thinking to buy one.
Rick: Good. Wearing glasses enhance the visionĀ of poor eyesight in people.
Adam: Really, interesting advise.
Rick: My pleasure if you found this useful.
Adam: ha-ha... Do you want a hot cup of green tea...
(conversation continues)...