Components of Human Eye are:-

1.Pupil- Opens and closes in order to regulate and control the amount of light.

2.Iris- Controls amount of light level by controlling size of pupil similar to aperture of a camera

3.Sclera- It is the outer coat which protect the eye

4.Cornea- A thin membrane which provide 67% of the eye focusing power

5.Retina- Captures the light rays focused by the lens and send impulses to the brain via optic nerves .

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Cornea-    Most of the refraction of light takes place here
Iris-            Regulates the size of pupil
Pupil-        It diolates or contracts depending on the light available
Eye lens-   Refracts light rays and change the focal length thereby focusing the                        object
Retina-      Act as the screen for image formation and neurond or nerve cells                        help in sight

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