U should study everything in leave and u can finish it in school

is it good answer

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yes it is but it is the answer that is always given by everyone tell me something different
Hello friend

when ur teacher or sir give homework to do at home when u reach the home u have to do one thing first fresh up yourself then just set for 20 or 30 minutes to finish ur home work

homework is nothing but to improve ur knowledge and hand writing.

so after reaching ur home u have to finish ur home as soon as possible
after that u can play or take rest it's depend on u.

btw homework take minimum 30 or 40 minutes not more then that.
so after doing ur homework u can free.
hope it's help u
By playing and eating
and get  scolding from teachers
is it good
yes if we play so when the time will come when we will finish our homework
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ok u can mark best me or him its your wish