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The Times Of India
             "  Being Together,Living Together  "
Not a single nation on the earth is perfect.A few troubles here and there are inevitable.But when it comes to brotherhood among people belonging to different religion,caste,race and sex,our great nation stands out as a true example of tolerance and unity.More religions are being practiced in India than in any other nation, in the world.People are being well integrated with each other and have started to see the diversity of religion as a potential source of social appreciation.Hindus,Muslims,Sikhs,Christians,Buddhists and many more can be found on knees,worshiping at each other's place.Doesn't that come out as an absolute evidence of 'unity in diversity??' It surely does. So as we move further and anticipate the celebration of our 68th Independence Day, we salute the great activists who laid the foundation of our nation and also continue to keep the legacy of 'unity in diversity' going.
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