God lives in the panch was written in hindi by munshi premchand. it is the story of two close friends alagu chowdhri and jumman sheikh. it is a story of the importance of justice, truth and friendship. it is an old fiction if a village. it was of the times when panchayat was held to solve the disputes of the villagers. they spread a mat and sat under the village tree during the evening. the children playing around with some kind of disorder around the panchayat. it was those olden times when the cost of a bullock was about hundred and fifty rupees.
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God lives in Panch is justified in the story by Pemchand called "Panch Parmeshwara" it is said so because at the time of decision making the supreme power lies in the hand of the Panch as he makes the ultimate decision which needs to be followed.At this point of time, betrayal or decision taken for self purposes would lead to discontentment and guilt and would be unfair.Knowing this fact although once best buddies but now enemies with Algu Choudhary,Jumman Sheikh did what should've been done and did justice and thus totally justified that "God lives in Panch"